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Lalithambika R S(M.Sc, B.Ed)



Smitha Bose M R(M.A, B.Ed.,SET)

Vice Principal


Teaching Staff

Lalithambika R S    PRINCIPAL Physics MSc. , B.Ed.
Smitha Bose M.R    Vice Principal English M.A, B.Ed.,SET
Usha Nair V.    HOD English M.A, B.Ed.,SET
Smitha G. G.    English M.A, B.Ed
Lekshmi M. S.    English M.A, B.Ed.,KTET, SET
Mini V. Dev    Malayalam MA, B.Ed.
Sreelatha L. P.    HOD Malayalam MA, B.Ed,SET
Deepa V S    Malayalam MA, B.Ed,SET
Sindhu S.    HOD Hindi M.A, B.Ed,M.Phil
Sukanya Satheesh    Hindi M A, B.Ed
Chithra¬†G K    Sanskrit MA, B.Ed
Renjusha K. L.    HOD Mathematics M.Sc,B.Ed,SET
Smitha S.    Mathematics M.Sc.,B.Ed.
Sreeja G.    Mathematics M.Sc.,B.Ed.
Anchana Anand    Mathematics M.Sc.,B.Ed, SET
Jayakumari V. S.    Mathematics M.Sc., B.Ed.
Dhanya K C    Mathematics M.Sc, B.Ed.
Remya R. S.    HOD Physics M.Sc.,B.Ed,SET
Asha Nair S.    Botony M.Sc, B.Ed.,SET
Beena B. S.    Physics B.Sc.,B.Ed.
Deepthi M Nair    Zoology MSc.,B.Ed
Jisha K P    Chemistry MSc.,B.Ed
Anila P. Nair    Chemistry M.Sc B.Ed., SET, TET
Lekshmi N S    Biology MSc.,B.Ed
Renjusha V. S.    HOD History MA,B.Ed.,SET
Sunandakumari V. P.    Geography MSc.,BEd.,SET
Jayalekshmi    Economics M.A.,B.Ed., CTET, PGDCA, SET
Jeena Raj    Computer Science M.Sc. Computer Science
Aswathy Krishnan R. K.    Computer Science MCA
Chithra J.    Dance Special Teachers BCom.,PPTTC, Classical Dance
Suma K.    Music Special Teachers MPA,Senior Certificate course in Music
Arun V. S.    P E T Special Teachers MPEd.
Suma B.    Craft Special Teachers B.Sc.,BFA
Maya K. S.    Librarian Special Teachers B.Sc.,B.Lib.,HDC
Kavitha B. S.    Pre-Primary Teachers B A Music , PPTTC, Ganabhooshanam
Sindhu K.    Pre-Primary Teachers PDC, PPTTC
Sreeja Gopal    Pre-Primary Teachers B.Sc.,PPTTC
Latha P.    Pre-Primary Teachers BA,NTTC
Meera R S    Pre-Primary Teachers BA,NTTC
Lekha G. P.    Accountant Other Staff
Prasanth Kumar P    Clerk Other Staff
Kavitha A.    Lab Attender Other Staff
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