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Handwriting Competition Winners

Bhavya Sanal (7H), Nivediya s (5 C), Arjun Narayan (3 H), Sreejith S (3H), Soorya Dev S R (5 C), Hridya Jaya Achari (4 H), Karthikeyan (5 C), Sreena S (7 H) are the winners of Handwriting Competition conducted by Hindi Prachar Sabha.

Kalpana Chawla Award

Gowri Jayan of Std XII was Awarded the title Kalpana Chawla during her International Space Science Conference 2019 & NASA visit.

Arunima Rockz again ....

Arunima of Std X secured Second for Classical Music conducted by Sisukshema Samithi.

Group Song Winners

Our students (Krishna, Varuna, Aparna & Arunima) got second prize for Group Song conducted by Sisukshemasamithi.

Kalagaurav Award

Abida Rose (Std 7) & Keerthana V Nair (UKG) secured Kalagaurav Award from Students Development Society for Handwriting Competition.

Daksha Winners

DevaDev S, Pranav B G and Abhiram S of Std XI secured Third prize in Collage Making in connection with Daksha 2019 organized by CV Vazhuthacaud.

Kalarathna Award

Bhagya of (Std 3), Rudra Nair (Std 6) & Rithika Nair (Std 2) secured Kalarathna Award from Students Development Society for Colouring Competition.

Wow! Super Goal

Midhunjith of Std X selected to Kerala Handball Team. He will participate in sub junior National Handball Championship at Indore (Madhya Pradesh).

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